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Simms Body Shop works with all insurance companies. Here are some of our partners.

Simms Body Shop of Cio
High Quality Materials at Simms

High Quality Materials at Simms

We have partnered with some of the best suppliers in our area to provide a high quality repair each and every time.
Fast Response at Simms

Fast Response at Simms

We offer a fast and convenient way to submit your estimate to your insurance company. Using technology and software we are in constant communication with your insurance provider.
Highly Trained Staff at Simms

Highly Trained Staff at Simms

We are a Body Shop with highly trained and Certified Tecnicians. Don't trust your vehicle to any who does not have these credentials.
Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Repair | Frame Straightening to Standards

Frame Straightening, Uni-Body Repair, auto body shop, collision shop
Auto Accident

Auto Accident | Accurate & Hassle Free Estimates

Estimates, Claim Assistance, auto body shop, collision shop
Professional Painting and Auto Collision

Professional Painting and Auto Collision

Paint, Paint Repair, auto body shop, collision shop
Jeremy Simms, Body Shop, Collision Shop

About Us | Simms Body Shop | Since 1957

The Benefits of Choosing a Great Auto Body Repair Shop

In case you got involved in a traffic accident and your car needs a collision repair, it is imperative to find a great auto body repair shop. Simms Body Shop can guarantee that you will save a lot of time and cash when you use our system. Simms can even help you in getting your insurance claim processed to cover your expenses.  Accidents are undoubtedly a horrible experience, but this type of scenario can happen to anyone.  It is just so vital that you establish a close relationship with a reliable body shop in Clio, Michigan like Simms Body Shop.

The Top Benefits of Choosing a Reliable Auto Body Repair Shop

Lets Get Started!

Why Choose Simms Body Shop

Simms Chevrolet Body Shop has been in business since 1957.

Frame Straightening

We can handle some of the most difficult frame repairs in Genesee County.

Free Estimates

Our free computerized estimates are fast and accurate.

Direct Repair DRP

We are a Direct Repair Shop (DRP) for all the popular insurance companies.

Alignment and Suspension

We look at every detail of the accident and double check areas that effect your vehicle's performance on the road.

Polishing and Touch Up

Sometimes the repair are not that costly. Let our Techs look at your paint damage. You will be surprised on how polishing and touch up can do to improve the look.

Automotive Cleaning

Our complementary level 1 detailing of your vehicle will get you smiling. Ask about our level 2 Detailing.

Unibody Repair

Don't assume that all shops know what to do when it comes to Uni-Body damage. Trust Simms Body Shop.

Accident Claim Assistance

Accident claims are not meant to be difficult however it is nice to know we are here to help with every step.

Windshield and Tires

Get your best deal from Simms on your windshield or tire replacement. We sell in volumes so we can pass on the savings to you.

Work Guarantee

Ask about our Lifetime Guarantee on your next visit. Don't assume that all shops offer this type of protection.
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