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Why sometimes it is Worth the Drive to do Business with a Quality Shop?

For most car problems, many car owners will just search for an ‘auto body shop near me’ and pick one. While this can work for simple repairs and can save you time in traveling, you should make sure that you are still having high quality repairs done. Here are some reasons why you should be willing to travel for high quality repairs.

1. Bigger Savings

You would think at most locally run auto body repair shops have rates that are lower than dealership repair shops. Actually, dealerships have more buying power and tend to use Factory and OEM parts. Rates are as competivite or even better since you are getting the latest technology in repairs. Not someone's garage converted into a make swift business using junk yard parts.

2. Take Care of Your Car’s Maintenance and Minor Repairs with Ease

Cars need regular maintenance to run correctly, which can add up quickly when you fail to take your car to a dealership. A local auto body repair shop can offer packages that cost less. All the maintenance and minor repairs can be done all at the same time. This makes it more convenient for you because you do not need to keep taking your car to the repair shop.

3. Communicate with the Mechanics

The major benefit of taking your car to Simms Auto Body Shop is that you can speak with the mechanics who are working on your car. This is important because they have more time to explain what is wrong and advise you what your options are to get it fixed. 

4. Better Service

The auto body repair service has stiff competition. This has led to many shops being inclined to provide the best technical and customer service to keep old clients and attract new ones. Depending on the shop and how busy they are, many shops will go the extra mile to make sure that they have the best customer service, that is why Simms Body Shop should be your first choice.

Smart consumers will take advantage of the extra services that are offered. However, you should do your research beforehand to make sure that your car gets the service that it needs. Even though the customer service is good, the work that the mechanics do may not be as great. There are many websites that offer reviews on auto body repair shops, so it is not hard to find out about a shop you may want to use.

Traveling to an auto body repair shop that is known for doing high quality repairs is the better option in the long run. At Simms we pride ourselves in high quality work, protecting the environment by recycling, and taking care of our employees and most of all servicing our customers.




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