How to speed up your auto collision repair time and what to expect.

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Will my parts be ordered before I drop off my vehicle for repairs?
Some Body Shops will preorder parts for you depending on the damage and the repairs that need to be done. Each Auot Body Shop has their own procedures so you need to ask if this is something they will do when you have your estimate done.

If my vehicles frame is damaged does that mean my vehicle is a total loss?
No. Some high quality Auto Collision Centers have a frame straightening machine and equptment that can fix problems with a vehicle's frame. This machine can not fix every frame problem though. The best thing to do is have an estimate done and make sure to let the person who is doing the estimate know if you have any concerns. During the estimate the adjuster can look at the frame and determine weather or not using the straightening machine is a good option for your vehicle.

When my vehicle is painted will it be an exact match?
Body shop technicians are trained to match colors as close as possible. They will try to make your vehicle look as close to before the accident as they can. One thing to keep in mind is that the same paint color on plastic, metal or fiberglass will look a little different because of the different materials each product is made up of. This is completely normal even for new cars. Each body shop will do their best to match the colors as best they can.

Why is my repair taking so long?
Each repair is different so each repair takes different lengths of time. The damage to your vehicle could be more extensive than originally anticipated, parts for your vehicle could be on back order or taking longer than normal to come in or it could be help up by an approval for additional repairs by your insurance company. Your body shop should be in contact with you to let you know what is going on with the repairs. If you want an update and you have not heard from them just give them a call.

Do my repairs come with a warranty?
If you choose to have repairs done at your insurance companies direct repair shop then your repairs automatically have a warranty because it is required by your insurance company. If you choose to go to another body shop make sure to ask what their warranty is. In any warranty there are exceptions (Ex. corrosion, rust, vandalism etc...) Make sure you know what they exceptions are.

When I drop off my vehicle will I get a rental vehicle to drive?
If you need a rental vehicle to drive while the repairs are being done you need to ask your body shop if they have rental vehicles and if there is a charge for using their rental vehicles. Some shops will charge a fee and others do not. If you have rental coverage under your insurance policy then you or your insurance company can set up a reservation at a rental company. You can also let the shop you are using know you have coverage and see if they prefer you use a rental company or if they will allow you to use there vehicles. Some shops would prefer you use a rental company if you have coverage so they can let customers that don't have coverage use their vehicles.
Can someone drive me home when I drop my vehicle off for repairs?
Each body shop operates differently so when you get your estimate done ask if someone will be able to take you home when you drop off your vehicle for repairs. If they do not offer this service you will know at the time of the estimate and be able to make other arrangements.

Can I get additional work done while my vehicle is being repaired?
If you want to have additional body work done while your vehicle is being repaired make sure to tell the body shop this in advance so they can schedule you properly. If you want service work (oil change, new brakes, tire rotation etc..) to be done ask your body shop if this is something they can do. Each body shop has different services they are prepared to preform so always make sure to ask ahead of time so they can accommodate you as best as possible.

What forms of payment do body shops accept?
Most body shops accept cash, and all major credit/debit cards. It is always better to be on the safe side and ask what forms of payment they accept because every shop is different.